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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 17, 2009 6:00pm-6:54pm EST

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bob turk is tracking the system. lots of things have to come together for us to get a big snow. several ingredients are in place. low pressure expecting. expecting to head to charleston. they will determine exactly how much snow our region gets. but these are the typical types of storms that we have to deal with. and if the storm track changes, makes a huge difference in the amount of precip we get. one thing we do have, we have a lot of cold air in place. because of that, the national weather service has already issued for saturday, a winter storm watch for the entire region. down to southwest virginia. how much do we expect from this system on saturday? this will be an all-day event. generally across north central maryland, from dover, wilmington into the shenandoah valley. some areas could get up to 8, 10, 12 inches for some areas.
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and a little lesser amounts. 3 to 6. or perhaps more to our north. of course, this will be changing i'm sure over the next 12 to 24 hours. we'll keep updated for you. >> the latest closings and delays, if there are any, log onto now to the breaking news of a massive water main break in northeast baltimore. the 42-inch water main break happened around 1:00 p.m. in the 1600 block of argonne drive near northwoods shopping center. crews worked for hours to shut off supplies in the freezing cold. wjz has complete coverage in this major break. kelly mcpherson is talking with residents who have been talking about the impact. >> well, it is taking hours to stop the flow of this water. the city's department of public works says it is not like turning off a faucet off and on. what they say is there are several pumps and valves involved. ask that takes time. and now the city has a plea for people to conserve.
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>> like a river rushing down argonne drive in northeast baltimore. water flowed from this water main break. the latest in a slew of water main ruptures this year. >> it's a very dangerous situation now, in terms of if anybody comes out of the home, tries to get in their car, moves their vehicles. >> reporter: like this person. most other neighbors stood on their porches or backyards, helps -- helpless to stop the flow, while some other neighbors came rushing to see the damage. >> oh, i'll be mad. >> why? >> oh, my car? and then my -- i don't know. the water will be going in my house? i'll be scared. >> reporter: public works employees scrambled to turn the water off and investigate the cause. one preliminary reason. >> this is probably an age situation. but you won't know until you get it dug up. >> this turned right on hillen, just south of morgan state university. and then turned into herring run park. dangerously close to a water facility. it's a call for neighbors to
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conserve water. >> we're not saying that anybody should be terribly concerned. but be cautious. and help us out. and don't waste water, unnecessary -- unnecessarily now. >> it is an issue. >> reporter: mayor sheila dixon says this is one of many city wide that could rupture at any time. this is at least 70 years old. and dixon says federal stimulus money may help fix it. >> when we talk about infrastructure, aging, pipes, underground. you know, we've got to get help and support from the federal government. when we talk about stimulus. this is a prime example of what stimulus money should be used for. >> reporter: and the department of public works is asking all. -- all of its water customers to conserve right now. you don't have to boil water. but what they're saying is don't run the water unnecessarily. don't run that tap water. don't take showers right now. they're asking this for the city customers, city wide. now, that restriction was first to this area. now, they want everyone across
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the city to conserve as much water as possible. and also, it could take at least a day, with the impending snow that could be arriving. it could take up to a day or two to assess the damage and find out exactly how this happened. back to you on tv hill. >> our complete coverage continues now with kelly mcpherson, who has reaction from the neighborhood to today's major break. kelly? >> reporter: vic, you can see the workers are still here, trying to get things back in order. as for the people who live here, they're still dealing with water issues and traffic problems. >> it looked like a river had just broke loose. and i'm like, where did all of that water come from? >> on the road, streets and alleys, if there isn't water, there is traffic. closed roads are pushing drivers to one-way streets. >> i don't know which way to go. there's all of this water. >> how has the traffic been? >> i don't know. it's been that way. this way. >> i am so amazed.
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that i have been all the wade -- the way around, trying on to get up to hillen road. and can't get through there because of this. >> did you see this? >> yeah. >> it looked like it was pushing me back. >> reporter: families are leaving to stay out of the mess, hoping that nothing else goes wrong while they're gone. >> we'll be back later. so hopefully by the time we get back tonight, it will be clear. >> are you concerned at all? >> yeah. because i want to go home tonight. >> others are staying to monitor their own water. >> now, all of the water, it is running down my back alley. i wanted to make sure my house wasn't flooded. >> the pressure came down a little bit. and there's dirt and other stuff inside the water. so i guess we're just going to have to, you know, suffer it out, until it's over. >> reporter: it's still a bit of a headache around this area. hillen road is shut down. a lot of the side streets here are one way. and we just spoke with one man who was on the bus.
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and his service was interrupted. so a lot of delays still around this area. reporting live from northeast baltimore, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. denise? >> thank you, kellye. our complete coverage continues now with sky eye chopper 13's mike mike perry, who has an interesting view of this. >> hello, denise. we have been here all day. and as you can see, the water volume is much, much lower than it has been this afternoon. however, this car was significantly damaged. looks like a brand new ford window knocked the window out. the hole quite deep underneath of it. this hole has been undermined. almost all the way down as you get closer to the east. as you get down toward morgan state university and hillen road. the road is severely damaged. so they're going to have not only the hole or water main break there. but also the road itself. the road is still running across hillen road. they still have it closed in both directions. so the alternate routes just
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west of here, the alameda and loch raven boulevard are still being utilized by folks coming out of the downtown. still a lot of public works folks here. we see the fire command post is still here. bge still has an armada on the scene. and actually, they began digging about a quarter mile north of the actual site. you see bg&e and city of public works, beginning to assess the damage. but it's going to be sometime before they get this thing cleaned up completely. hopefully hillen road will be cleaned up. >> it's so darn cold out there tonight. thank you, mike. for the latest updates on the water main break, log onto firefighters fighting back. today, hundreds of firefighters are protesting what they are calling deep budget cuts by mayor dixon administration. weijia jiang has more on this heated rally. >> reporter: things have wrapped up here for now. but for several hours, firefighters stood here with an
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alarming message. that if there are more budget cuts, more stet cityresidents will lose their lives. -- city residents will lose their lives. >> no more cuts. >> reporter: hundreds of city firefighters stormed city hall. >> no more. >> reporter: angry, desperate and determined to put an end to budget cuts. >> no more closings. >> this is a matter of life and death for the citizens of baltimore and for this fire department. >> reporter: the thursday afternoon rally, a protest against budget cuts that left the fire department, $3.5 million short. now, five city fire companies are forced to close on a rotating basis overnight, including truck 18, which is closest to the fire that killed 76-year-old sam davis on the 9th. the next closest house, number 16, responded. it's set to close permanently in january. >> in this case, the city stays -- says the dispatcher who took the call mislocated where the house was located. but neighbors say it was a lack of resources that caused mr.
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davis his life. >> they said, we used to have a fire. oh, my gosh. you mean, we gotta jump out the window? you all are supposed to be here quick? >> isn't that a sad commentary when we're having a discussion of whether an open fire company maybe would have saved someone. we shouldn't even be having that conversation. >> but city leaders say the math is simple. no money must equal compromise. >> butun fortunately -- but unfortunately, my job is to manage my department with the budget. just like every other department had. we get a certain amount of money to work with. and do the best we can within those dollars. >> reporter: and earlier today, the mayor issued this statement to say the city has applied for funding that would keep one company open full time. by the way, there is only one company, as of right now, slated for a permanent closure. we're live tonight at city hall. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> okay, weijia. thank you. the city stresses that no jobs have been lost as a result
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of the fire department budget cuts. tonight, new information about why criminal charges against the baltimore city police officer were dropped. sally is live in the newsroom with more on those details. michael sylvester was facing theft and misconduct charges until recently. the officer was arrested in september, after police say they had an integrity sting. baltimore city police claimed sylvester stole $70 in marked bills from an undercover officer and drugs. but according to investigators, documents obtained, questions arose over the handling of the case. among those questions, whether officers had searched sylvester's police locker before the warrant was obtained. the charges were dropped after some of those problems arose. sylvester is still facing an internal hearing. that is still pending. sylvester says he is innocent of all charges. >> two internal supervisors were reportedly transferred after the charges against
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sylvester were dropped. new findings after police use tasers in maryland. >> reporter: this is a monumental report. report. something like this has never been done in maryland before. it says tasers should still be used but they should be used as deadly weapons, just like guns. >> reporter: jorle gray died two years ago, after police shot him twice with a taser outside his home in frederick. >> i would rather you had punched him in his face. he would be here with me today. >> reporter: a grand jury ruled the tazing was justified. >> to make sure police officers can protect themselveses and protect the community. but that people don't die unnecessarily. >> reporter: the landmark new report, obtained by wjz, found officers have an overreliance on tasers, while police are undereducated on how they should be used. but that tasers are useful. >> they have to be trained and
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told that this device can and does in certain circumstances cause death or serious injury. >> reporter: the report says not all officers should be allowed to use tasers. and they should not be used for unarmed people, fleeing a crime scene, or simply destroying evidence. peter halloran with taser international. >> there is no time when there is an altercation involving a police officer and a suspect, where the risk of injury or even death is zero. >> reporter: the report found montgomery county police used tasers the most. 222 times a year. followed by baltimore city. baltimore county. harford. howard. and anne arundel. >> this is a very advanced tool. if used properly in raw enforcement -- law enforcement, it can reduce injury to police officers and citizens. >> reporter: right now, no police agency in the state meets the standards outlined in the report. >> do you think it will save lives? >> i think it will save lives. i think there is actually a thirst, as you can see during
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the year-long dependency on the task force. >> it also calls for more stringent regulations for private citizens who carry tasers. that's legal in maryland. >> the report said not enough information was available to determine if there were racial disparities and who was tazed. it did note latinos and african americans were tazed at rates higher than the general population. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> across maryland, nine people had died after being shot with tasers in the past five years. new debate tonight, over electronic versus paper ballots. today, governor martin o'malley are asking about the wisdom of screeching back to the paper bal ballot system. maryland is currently on track to dump its $65 million tracking system and turn to the paper ballot. but the governor says he is hearing more and more from county governments to postpone this.
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>> a bust of frank zappa has finally found a home. the sculpture will be placed outside the highland town branch of the enoch pratt free library. the zappa bus was directed by friends in lithuania, where it's still located. no word yet when it will come to baltimore. i wonder why they didn't want it. >> i don't know. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. the late-breaking developments and the bid to bring a casino to baltimore. why the plan has gone bust, at least for now. a group has filed a complaint with a federal commission. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, down on the farm. downtown. that story as eyewitness news continues. and a chilly thursday night. but temperature is not all we'll be dealing with this weekend. an update on that winter storm watch in just minutes.
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another setback for slots in maryland. they rejected the bid from baltimore entertainment group because the group doesn't have the money for the licensing fee. it was the only bid for slots in the city. baltimore's location is second only to anne arundel county in importance. political reporter pat warren has more on the controversy there. >> the horses run at laurel park, but the scan -- stands are virtually empty. there are fears that it can
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only get worse. and the livelihoods of people like bobby willis will be gone. >> here at laurel tracks, there is about six dormitories at least, with with 200 people that live here on the track that if laurel park closes, and because of their small income and lack of skills to do anything else, they are going to become homeless. >> reporter: according to the maryland jockey club, closing laurel is more of a certainty than a mere possibility if anne arundel county zones slots for arundel mills. >> and we're terrified because we have been talking to councilmembers, and we're getting the sense that they want to abdicate their responsibility on this vote and vote regardless of the outcome of the vote. >> reporter: a bid for slotas the -- slots at laurel was rejected when magna entertainment failed to put up the money. but now the city wants the county to reject arundel mills so the new thing starts over.
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>> if zoning is approved at the mill, laurel cannot and will not survive. >> reporter: and the 4,000 jobs cordish would generate is nothing compared to the 15,000 jobs the horse industry stands to lose. but the commission is waiting for ann arundle county to decide. >> depending on the outcome of the anne arundel county council, we'll have to regroup if they choose not to do the zoning at arundel mills. >> maryland horse council is holding the last day saturday. hoping that the council's action monday doesn't signal the beginning of the end of laurel. reporting from laurel race course, i'm pat warren. now back to you on television hill. >> and pimlico will be auctioned in january. a free shuttle is set to start next month. the charm city circulator will pick up its first passengers on january 11th. the city says the six-month delay will save more than $3
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million. two other routes are scheduled to be starting in the spring. >> did you say spring? >> yes, i did. [ laughter ] >> officially, it's going to be here. this weekend. it will feel very much like winter. let's take a look at temps and conditions around the region. a few high clouds. 32 now. freezing out there. winds are not a factor. humidity, 44%. barometer just beginning to fall. come back and take a look at a snow event here on saturday.
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there you go. santa's house at the inner harbor. looks like it's going to be all white over there. looks like snow on the way. and it could be moderate to heavy by saturday afternoon and evening. watch out for that. be very, very careful if you have to go out traveling on saturday. looks like it's a pretty sure bet. take a look at temperatures. certainly cold enough for temperatures. temperatures in the low 30s, upper 20s. mid-20s. 32 at the keys. dew point is very low. which means up there in the clouds, it's very cold. 32, 33. dew point is very low. and there's a lot of cold air aloft. and that's going to be with us
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throughout much of the next five or six days. right now, we're around the freezing mark up there. rock hall and d.c., coming in at 34. winter storm watch for delaware, jersey, maryland, all of the areas in virginia, southwest virginia. a winter storm warning. they're closest to the center of the storm. 8, 10, 12 inches possible there. across north central maryland. pretty much from wilmington, philly, down to dover. 6 inches plus. some areas could get 8, 10, maybe as much as a foot, if everything comes together. now, lots of elements for this storm, of course. we have a northwest wind, very, very light. not a major factor. until late saturday. it will pick up any snow that does fall will be likely blowing around, drifting around. watch out for that as well. here's the low pressure. just popping up, developing here in southeast sections. it's got a lot of moisture here. the question is, and it's always the question, will the storm go up the colorado coast. will it get to cape hatteras?
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it's impossible to tell you that right now. but it looks like we have a pretty good shot of getting a moderate or heavy snowfall. mountain areas through west virginia. following that region up there. maybe through northern new jersey. long island. saturday, into sunday. our snow probably beginning around 1:00 a.m., saturday. ending by late, late saturday. watching that low pressure off the coast. exactly where it goes will determine how much snow we get in the region. right now, looks like a pretty good event expected for our region. northeast winds, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp, 43. pretty sure about tonight. partly cloudy. and cold. 22 by morning. some upper teens, colder suburbs tomorrow. sun and clouds. snow arriving. after midnight. probably 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning saturday. continuing pretty much all day long. and it can be heavy at times. saturday afternoon into saturday evening before it
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tapers off. probably around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning on sunday. look like a very difficult driving situation perhaps in the region most of the day on saturday. >> okay. >> going to get the muscles. >> thanks, bob. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. custody battle. new developments in the international fights for custody of a young boy. latest twists. the man charged in a hit- and-run accident of a johns hopkins college student appears in court for the first time. i'm jessica kartalija. more on his court date and what happened here coming up. problems with your blackberry? you're not alone. why millions of users had trouble receiving their e-mail this afternoon. this is mark viviano. the ravens get ready for their next game but take time to reflect on the news of the death of one of the league's young players. and we'll take a look at a hitter who could be coming in to hit the orioles. when eyewitness news continues.
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it is 6:29. 32 degrees with a few clouds. good evening, everyone. thank you for staying with wjz.
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a huge water main we keep telling you about. gigi barnett has an update on the situation. it is taking hours to turn the water off. the department of public works says it is not an easy job to do this. there are several valves and pumps. it is not like turning on and off the faucet. since 1:00 this afternoon, the water rushed down argonne drive. we are not far from morgan state university. now it looks like a large stream of water. as a result, the city is asking all of its water customers to conserve as much as possible. we're not doing any kind of alert in terms of boiling your water, anything like that. but we're asking you not to use water. okay? don't use water unnecessarily. keep in mind, we have hospitals, nursing homes other facilities. we have to make sure that everybody is taken care of. so don't go running your tap. >> and those facilities need that water first and foremost.
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again, city wide, they're asking all of the city's water customers to conserve as much as possible now once this water is off, another problem the city will have to deal with is the winter weather this weekend. the department of public works says this water is going to freeze. and as a result, it is making plans to bring salt trucks in this weekend. >> gigi, thank you so much. remember, wjz is always on. for the latest on the water main break and extra video, log onto now to another developing story. six correctional officers who work at baltimore central booking are fired according to our media partner, the baltimore sun. an investigation found the officers found improper force on an inmate and did not properly report the incident. in addition to the six officers who were fired, another officer and a supervisor were disciplined. the officers have the right to appeal their termination. >> another setback today for a new jersey man in a five-year
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battle to regain custody of his son, living in brazil. the brazillian supreme court ruled that the 9-year-old would not be returned to his father, until a court rules whether the boy will have to testify in his own court hearing. manuel gallegus has more on the case. there is only one resolution. and that is for sean to come home. >> reporter: david goldman may finally be bringing his son sean home. but he won't believe it until it happens. >> i've been down this road before. >> reporter: goldman's struggle over sean started five years ago, when his wife, bruina took the boy to brazil presumably for vacation. but then never came back. she dwoarts divorce -- divorced david, and then died giving birth to a daughter. sean's brazillian family is now appealing to the country's supreme court, their final hope of keeping sean. they want the court to hear from the boy himself. >> he said he wants to stay in brazil. he doesn't want to be apart
6:33 pm
from his sister. >> reporter: president obama, secretary of state clinton and members of congress have all weighed in on david goldman's behalf, to get sean back to the united states. >> it's all looking into my son's eyes and see how he is and see what we need to do. and just to have him know that he's surrounded by so much love. >> reporter: manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> the brazillian court goes into recess tomorrow. so ruling on the whether -- whether the boy's testimony is not likely. a stir on campus after an article critics say was racially insensitive. sally joins us now live from the newsroom. >> reporter: the article shows what appears to be a kkk member, next to a burning cross. the article was meant to make fun of a student-run newspaper. critics say they understand the freedom of speech issue.
6:34 pm
but the heckler crossed the line. >> i do feel like the satire was distasteful and it was offensive and inappropriate. >> reporter: a coalition of groups has asked for an apology from the heckler and a retraction after seeing the article. back to you. >> the heckler's editor says he stands behind the article. >> a driver who is charged with a hit-and-run death of a university student. >> casually dressed in jeans and a pink shirt, thomas meighan appears in court and enters two not guilty pleas. he is charged with killing johns hopkins student miriam frankl. among the many charges he faces, vehicular manslaughter. two counts of leaving the scene of the accident and failure to render aid. >> reporter: if convicted on all counts, meighan faces a
6:35 pm
maximum of 37 years and four months in prison. >> reporter: the suspect owns this utility truck that struck the hopkins junior as she crossed the street. the same truck was involved in another hit-and-run the same day. >> we are pleased with the work that the baltimore police department are doing on behalf of this investigation. >> reporter: in a statement to the baltimore sun, frankl's parents said while these charges won't bring miriam back, we're relieved mr. meighan has been charged with more serious offenses. he has at least nine other drunk driving convictions on his record. and his license has been repeatedly suspended. >> i just hope that justice is served. >> reporter: jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> meighan is scheduled to go on trial, on march 22nd. maryland has approved toll rates for the intercounty connector. and they are among the highest in the nation. they will stretch from laurel to gaithersburg. tolls will run for 35 cents per mile.
6:36 pm
the maximum toll is just over $6. the larger trucks, drivers will pay almost $37 to travel the length of the highway during rush hour. an advocacy group has filed a complaint against facebook, over their latest privacy. they have asked the federal trade commission to look into the changes. facebook says it has already discussed the changes with federal regulators. and the maker of blackberry says it has issues that cause delays in e-mails. the company says it has resolved the issues of the problem. blackberry users were still able to make phone calls, text messages and go on the internet during the outage. could sunday's game be derrick mason's last game ever with the ravens?
6:37 pm
for these stories and much more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast, from wjz's first warning weather team. an idea is growing at a baltimore high school. and it's edible. alex demetrick reports, students are growing and harvesting their own food by bringing food in from the great outdoors. >> reporter: there is not a lot of space. but alt lake clifton, they found room to bring in a crop. >> pretty much, solids, greens. we also planted some spring bulbs in hopes of getting some tulips going. >> reporter: thousands of students the tulips will sell in the spring, while edible crops will go to the cafeteria and young people in need. >> young people are able to see where food comes from, where you grow food, how you prepare food. so we're teaching the whole, as they call it, the farm to fork. >> reporter: group houses make it possible, based on a french design, three of the lightweight, high-string
6:38 pm
greenhouses were installed by maryland. operated by pacific works, they depend on students for cultivating. >> at first, i used to read books and stuff about it. but they say in real life, this is kind of special. >> kids in the city might not be able to see much. so this will be a good chance for kids to come together and experience something, a miracle, just to see plant life. >> reporter: especially when the miracle ends up on a dinner plate. >> i love collard greens. i just love greens. >> how did they turn out? >> great. >> reporter: no other university has such green vegetables on campus. in baltimore, they're hoping to increase that number. because more than vegetation is taking route. >> -- root. i'm hoping to grow these kids into wonderful, productive adults. >> baltimore city plans to provide fresh produce from the houses to 20 elementary schools, beginning this winter. brings back memories, working in the garden.
6:39 pm
>> those are good memories. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. left for dead. an elderly woman's body lays in her bedroom for nearly a year. and police are never notified. why her daughter is facing charges. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. pre-christmas snowstorm. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories at wjz document at this hour -- at this hour. for instant updates, log onto
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a north carolina woman is accused of hiding in the family's home for seven months. >> police say they received an anonymous 911 call about the body earlier this week. when police went to the house, they found the body of 87-year- old blanch ross in a bedroom. police say her daughter, amy stewart and stewart's three children had been living in the house with the corpse for months. medical examiners estimate roth had been dead since may. roth's cause of death has not yet been determined. >> thank you, sally. amy stewart faces charges of consuming a dead body, which is a felony.
6:43 pm
authorities say the disappearance of 28-year-old susan powell is now a criminal investigation. her husband's lack of cooperation has made him a person of high interest in the case. powell went missing last week when she didn't show up for work. supposed to get free online ship for many holiday retailers. includings apple, saks and nike. and they are guaranteeing delivery by christmas eve. preparations under way in new york in plenty of time for new year's eve. they have now arrived. huge numbers. -0. the big night. just to make sure they work properly. reminder, you can watch all of the fireworks and celebrations here on baltimore live. we're in baltimore live, on wjz 13. as wjz presents the ports america new year's eve spectacular.
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it all starts at 11:00 p.m. on december 31st. here on wjz 13. and katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. as congress debates healthcare reform, mexico has medical care that is luring thousands of americans to that country. but is it too good to be true? we'll take a look tonight, only on the cbs evening news. >> thanks, katie. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
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get ready for a cold december night. snow will be moving this way. bob turk is updating the five- day forecast. also has a closer look at what we can expect tomorrow want bob? >> obviously, calm before the storm. may start off with sunshine. it's going to be cold. 20s to low to mid-30s. clouds on the increase. late tomorrow night. i'm talking after midnight. like 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. that's when we expect the snow breaking out. should be with us all day long. as we mentioned, six inches or more expected from the baltimore region. 28-24 on saturday. 34 on sunday afternoon. things will clear out. it will be breezy.
6:48 pm
38 monday and cold again. partly cloudy skies. and 34 on tuesday. >> we should keep that snow all the way through christmas. still to come. the ravens want to deliver a holiday gift to their fans. >> mark has the latest on the team as they prepare for the final home game. next in sports.
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well, a very upsetting story about a player in the
6:51 pm
nfl. >> yeah, a player so young. a story so sad. and everyone around the league, certainly the ravens with their hearts out. mourns the death of cincinnati bengals receiver chris henry. now, police say the incident stemmed from a domestic dispute between henry and his fiance. homicide detectives are investigating. chris henry's last catch in the nfl came against the ravens. in november, he suffered a broken arm on the play. he was put on injured reserve. the league, including the ravens, reacted according to the passing of chris henry today. he was 26 years old. >> i got a chance to be alongside of him for two or three years. there in cincinnati. but definitely shocking. he's a young man. and seemed like he was just starting his life. you know, starting his career the way he wanted to. and for that to happen is just definitely tragic. >> reporter: it's a very difficult thing, with his loss.
6:52 pm
and a young life that won't ever get to reach his full potential. >> mourning the death of chris henry, the bengals now will continue their play-off push. they have a game on the road at san diego on sunday. the ravens trail cincinnati in the division standings. but baltimore still has post- season hope in their pursuit of a wildcard play-off spot. the chicago bears are in town on sunday. it's the ravens' final home game of the year. and there's no place like home for the ravens this decade. they have the third best home winning percentage in all of the nfl. so far this season, the ravens have won 5-7 on home turf. >> it's special at home. but also because of the win. regardless of how you slice it, we have to have this. we want to give the fans an opportunity to, you know, see us pile on another win after what we did last week. so, you know, they're going to be into it.
6:53 pm
they're going to be that 12th man or 12th woman on the sideline. and we're going to feed off of them. and you know, hopefully we can pull out a victory. >> news from owings mills today. in addition to the ravens injury report. as terrell suggs did not practice today, held back with a knee injury, he was limited in practice yesterday. the ravens will be watching tonight, when peyton manning and the indianapolis colts play at jacksonville on the thursday nighter. manning will start, even though the colts have clinched the play-off win. but if indy beats jacksonville, it helps the ravens in the wildcards. >> the thing here is, let everything else control itself. so to worry about if giants will win or denver, whoever, whoever, whoever, it is just too much. >> reporter: the colts take a 13-0 record into jacksonville tonight. they include a victory last month. if ravens beat the jags, indies will move into the wild card
6:54 pm
slot. baseball news, the orioles did do some holiday shopping, reaching agreements with a couple of free agents who will be signed when they pass theirs. mike gonzalez could potentially be the new orioles closer. he's a seven-year veteran. pitched last three seasons in atlanta. other is infielder, garrett at kins. he is a right-handed slugger. atkins, primarily a third baseman. but also played first. he's averaged 20 home runs and


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